In 2008, as a response to the call of government, “Going Global”, the company set up a subsidiary Beijing New Building Materials (T) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “BNBMT”), in Tanzania. BNBMT aimed to found a building materials distribution center. A group of young people with hope and determination came to the lion king’s hometown - Tanzania. These young people contributed to the friendship between China and Tanzania and led to a new period.

The building materials distribution center is located in Dar es Salaam, which means “the house of peace”. It is the political economic and cultural center and largest city and port in Tanzania. In the history, it was situated along the Maritime Silk Road and was reached during Zheng He’s expedition to the Western Ocean in Ming dynasty. The landscape of Dar es Salaam is beautiful and some western and Arabic building have been preserved well.

BNBMT’s main business is the manufacturing of building materials, such as cement, steel bar, etc. The distribution center supplies materials to many infrastructures in Tanzania. It has a large market share of steel products, cement and tiles and has close relationships with many local building materials companies. In recent years, some advanced products like tiles and bathroom products have been added into our list of main products. Now, our business covers the whole Africa.

Other than Chinese projects, BNBMT keeps a good cooperation / competition relationship with local national companies as a result of active integration with local market. BNBMT plays an important role in local building materials supply chain. Many good quality and affordable products have been recommended to other national companies by BNBMT. At the same time, BNBMT and other companies help each other to promote a win-win cooperation, enormously enhancing the status and influence of BNBMT. So, many local companies are willing to maintain in-depth and comprehensive cooperation with the subsidiaries of CNBM and expand market together.

BNBMT actively integrates into local society, solves difficulties in management when different cultures come together and aims to builds an intercontinental trade platform based on localization management. In BNBMT, there are 142 local employees (more than 80% of the total; 64 of them are well educated) and only 16 Chinese employees.

Besides, local employees are given welfare based on local law and referred to the benefits of Chinese employees. Meanwhile, we organize various activities to let the local employees experience the harmony in CNBM and promote effectiveness and cohesion. They admire and appreciate BNBMT.

In Africa Exhibition held by China’s Ministry of Commerce in 2013, the prime minister of Tanzania showed strong interest in BNBMT’s products. It was reported by the local newspaper HELLO TODAY (KABARI LEO). After that, other media reported this in the form of interview. That helped a lot to increase the company’s visibility.

For years, BNBMT made great contributions to the execution of important projects by bringing good quality and affordable products. In 2016, the prime minister received BNBMT representative again.

According to the “Belt and Road” initiative, BNBMT insists to build a fine homeland together with Tanzanians with determination and hope from leading comrades at all levels.

On Oct 27,2017, the “Belt and Road” Production Team of CCTV-4 (Chinese International Channel) reported BNBMT’s business experience and fruits in local management.

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